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Houdini Production Tips : 12+ Key Principles for Success in VFX Studios

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This is a long form version of my youtube video "Houdini Production Tips : 12 Key Principles for Success in VFX Studios"

This one was focusing a lot on "WHY" some of those CG principles are so important in the context of a movie production pipeline in big studios, but the content in this product is dragging a bit more on the "HOW". No matter if you are an environment, FX, Lookdev artist using Houdini, those principles should help you make sure you have a strong collaborative mindset.

How can we optimize files and scenes as best as possible ? How can we handle important attributes such as UVs, Path, Normal, Velocity ? Trying to be as thorough as possible and describe you what I usually expect from my co-workers.

Content (1hour25):

prodTips_001 - Organization : How to organize your node network, logic and tools that can help you with this. (3min58)

  • prodTips_002- HDA : How to create HDA and edit them. (5min51)
  • prodTips_003- Alembic : How to maintain alembic structure along a task (7min18)
  • prodTips_003b- Path Creator : Creating an HDA to control custom path attribute (11min)
  • prodTips_004- Transform : How to deal with transform and scale for simulations (2min56)
  • prodTips_005- Rest Position : How to create rest position (2min47)
  • prodTips_006- Mesh Quality : How to deal with N-Gons (1min39)
  • prodTips_007- Normal : Normal Attribute (1min34)
  • prodTips_008- Uv Control : How to manipulate UVs (7min06)
  • prodTips_008b- UDIM : Layout and Manipulate UDIM tiles (9min25)
  • prodTips_009- Data Management : Optimizing output data from Houdini. (3min33 - Extending soon)
  • prodTips_010- Scene Management : How to handle scene savings (1min49)
  • prodTips_011- Scene Optimization : Tricks to make sure your scene saves and load as smoothly as possible (5min18)
  • prodTips_012- Relative Vs Absolute Paths : Explanation of use case relative vs Absolute paths. (1min15)
  • prodTips_013- Viewport Optimization : Explanation of use case relative vs Absolute paths. (8min23)
  • BONUS - Fracture&RbD basics : Setting up a basic fracture and RbD simulation (14min11)

Coming soon :

  • prodTips_005b - RestPosition in Shader : How to import rest attribute in shader network
  • prodTips_009b - Simulation Optimization : Optimizing output data from dopnet.

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Houdini Production Tips : 12+ Key Principles for Success in VFX Studios

9 ratings
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