Tutorial series - Procedural Cliffs with SideFX houdini

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This new tutorial series should be particularly exciting if you are looking to generate procedural cliffs either for concept, environment work or ocean simulations.

As an environment artist, I had to sculpt and texture a lot of cliffs and rocks in my career... and for me looking for procedural ways to tackle at least a decent blocking is always a huge help. Because you can then generate and control a large amount of models and variants in a very short amount of time.

My Goal is to make you think proceduraly and let you be able to use houdini to really control the look of your models.


Some details about the video tutorials :

-Part 01 - Heightfield Setup (22 min)
-Part 02 - Refining shapes (23 min)
-Part 03 - Singlesided mesh to Volume (8 min)

-Part 04 - Volume Breakups (11 min)
-Part 05 - Strata setup (11 min)
-Part 06 - Setup one cliff per frame (10 min)
-Part 07 - Refining volume breakups (24 min)
-Part 08 - Water Shader & Absorption(12 min)
-Part 09 -  Megascan lookdev (20 min) 

BONUS VIDEO : Create your own Mask from scratch (16min )

-Part 10 - Scattering megascan details (22 min)

Offering options for video tutorials only or a tutorial bundle that include project files and tools (made in Houdini Indie, may not be possible to open in HoudiniFX/full-commercial). 

This doesn't include the megascan textures and assets I am using in the tutorial. 

I hope you'll enjoy this course and I am really excited to see what you will come up with.

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Tutorial series - Procedural Cliffs with SideFX houdini

75 ratings
I want this!