Tutorial series - Procedural Minerals with SideFX houdini

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Full Procedural - Video Tutorials

Showing in details the different steps to recreate my mineral experiment inside of Houdini 18 and Redshift 3 Include :

- 19 video tutorials / 3h40min of houdini/redshift content.

- .hipnc / Houdini project files (houdini Indie, can't be opened in houdiniFX)

- Final multichannel render

- Blender final compositing project

- Part 1 : Procedural crystal / main setup [FREE] - 19min

You can watch this part for free on my youtube channel to give you a good idea of what you can expect through this Houdini course.

- Part 1.5 : Procedural crystal / Internal structure - 6min

Finishing the creation of the crystal by adding some internal structure and cracks over the surface. This will help later to give a sweet look once we will start shading.

- Part 2 : Procedural rock support - 12min

Using primitives and polygon surface operators to generate a rock base on which we will scatter the crystals we created.

- Part 3.1 : Scatter / Density attribute - 10min

Using pointvop and some basic vex to setup some attributes that will drive the scattering of the crystals and fibers. 

- Part 3.2 : Scatter / Scale attributes -12min

Using pointvop to setup the scale of the scattered crystals. 

- Part 3.3 : Scatter / Orient attributes - 10min

Using pointvop to setup the rotation of the scattered crystals. 

- Part 3.4 : Scatter/ ID attributes - 12min

Fixing crystal volume artefacts, creating different variations of crystals. Using pointvop and for each loop to assign different geometries into the scattered crystals. 

- Part 3.5 : Resolving scattered geometry intersection - 10min

Setting up a flexible and fast procedural way tor resolve the intersection generated into the highres scattered crystal.

- Part 4.1 : Strands / Crystal setup - 18min

Setting up the strands flowing along the crystals.

- Part 4.2 : Strands / Rock setup - 7min

Setting up the strands connecting the rock to the crystals.

- Part 5.1 : Fibers / HairGen setup - 10min

Setting up the main settings to generate and import custom guides to drive our hairgen fiber.

- Part 5.2 : Fibers / procedural Groom - 18min

Creating attributes and masks to proceduraly drive the Hair system for the Malachite fibers.

- Part 6 : Be Creative! - 11min

Now that the whole setup is ready it's time to play with it and be creative to come up with a cool composition we could use to start lighting.

- Part 7 : Lighting with Redshift - 17min

Models and composition is ready time to deal with lighting setup !

- Part 8.1 : Base rock Lookdev - 10min

Giving the base rock the look it deserves with some displacement, SSS and subtle color variations. Full procedural shader using redshift networks.

- Part 8.2 : CrystalLookdev - 12min

Giving the crystals their final look using redshift procedural shading network.

- Part 8.3 : Fibers and Strands Shader - 7min

Using redshift netword to create a procedural shader for our fibers and strands.

- Part 9.1 : Redshift render settings optimization - 10min

Preparing the final touches and settings to optimize the render of our final image with Redshift. 

- Part 9.2 : Redshift render settings optimization - 8min

Preparing all the AOVs / render elements to have full control over the final image in compositing. 

- BONUS Part 10 : Blender Compositing

Compositing of the final render within nuke. Render included in the tutorial files.

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Mineral - Tutorial Series

Houdini 18 - Indie /Apprentice license
Tutorial project files
video tutorial Part 1.0
Crystal Procedural setup (19min)
video tutorial Part 1.5
Crystal Internal Structure (6min)
video tutorial Part 2.0
Procedural Rock Base (12min)
video tutorial Part 3.1
Scatter : Density Attribute (10min)
video tutorial Part 3.2
Scatter : Scale Attribute (12min)
video tutorial Part 3.3
Scatter : Orient Attribute (10min)
video tutorial Part 3.4
Scatter : ID Attribute geo (12min)
video tutorial Part 3.5
Scatter : Resolve Intersections (10min)
video tutorial Part 4.1
Strands : Crystal setup (18min)
video tutorial Part 4.2
Strands : Rock setup (7min)
video tutorial Part 5.1
Fibers : HairGen setup (10min)
video tutorial Part 5.2
Fibers : procedural groom (18min)
video tutorial Part 6.0
Be Creative ! (11min)
video tutorial Part 7.0
Redshift Lighting (17min)
video tutorial Part 8.1
Base rock Lookdev (10min)
video tutorial Part 8.2
Crystal Lookdev (12min)
video tutorial Part 8.3
Fibers and Strands Shader (7min)
video tutorial Part 9.1
Redshift Render Settings Optimization (10min)
video tutorial Part 9.2
Redshift Render AOV (8min)
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Tutorial series - Procedural Minerals with SideFX houdini

23 ratings
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