AL ModelUtility / HDALC - Houdini Indie 18.5+

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A pack of HDALC (houdini indie / apprentice tools) helping on procedural modeling. Extensively using those on NeoGothic/Victorian architecture project.

I will add some more as I am going through my old scenes and cleaning things up.

AL_topbottom :

Blast, Isolate or create Groupe based on faces pointing up or down.

AL_centertogrid :

Center any geo back to the origin of world. Can fit geo on top, bellow or in center of the grid.

AL_mixinput :

Mix two geo plugged in input1 and input2 (must have same amount of points) either based on Bbox mask or custom attribute.

AL_ID_generator :

Create an ID attribute (float or vector) based on connectivity.

AL_delete_from_distance :

Delete points closer to the object plugged in second input.

AL_extract_centers :

Extract points/center of primitives. Either individual faces or by pieces.

AL_extract_grid :

Extract a grid on top, middle or center of input geometry.

AL_extract_corners :

Turn a face into a more complex geo. Ideal as a base to generate towers.

AL_group_by_object :

Group primitives contained by object plugged in second input.

AL_measure_height :

Store a "height" detail attribute. Measure dimensions of an object in X, Y or Z.

AL_middle_point :

Extract middle points of every edges.

AL_simpleborder :

Group unshared edges and dissolve the rest. Ideal to create profil geo for sweep operations.

AL_extrude_points :

Extrude one or several points.

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13 tools
HDA-lc (houdini indie/apprentice)
1 example file scene
hip-lc (houdini indie/apprentice)


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AL ModelUtility / HDALC - Houdini Indie 18.5+

7 ratings
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