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WORLD WAR : Clothing and Props - Photopack

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If you have a project about wars happening in Europe between 1870 to 1945 this pack should help you find out informations about the military institutions of those times.

Those photos were taken in "Musée Guerre et Paix" (War and Peace museum), located in Ardennes (France) where three major wars append past centuries :

-1870 : Battle of Sedan / Franco-Prussian War

-1914 : Battle of the Ardennes - Verdun / World War

-1940 : German Invasion / World War II

I am here focusing on clothing / military's uniforms of these different time lines exposed in the museum, and also all kind of props. What would they bring in their package ? How would they spend their free time ? A lot of detail that can inspire you bringing you improving the story of your characters.

This pack contains more than 230 HighRes JPEG from 5D mark3 original Resolution (5760*3840)

- 172 military uniforms / helmets /  gaz mask

- 59 props / propaganda documents / Miniature scenes

Processed all the photos to make sure exposition is decent enough despite the lake of light in the museum. Most of the collection is protected behind glass so reflects were sometimes inevitable, hopefully this should still be clear enough to see some nice details.

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- 172 Highres JPG
military uniforms / helmets / gaz mask
- 59 Highres JPG
propaganda documents / Miniature scenes / various props

WORLD WAR : Clothing and Props - Photopack

0 ratings
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